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If architecture is the bones of a project, then FF&E is the flesh that makes up the body

FF&E procurement management is one of the key services that Prestige Design Group offers achieving client’s vision by balancing design, schedule, and budget priorities. Through our technology, collaboration and, with our real time scheduling, accounting, and reporting systems you have full visibility of all your FF&E project, while our global network of qualified manufacturers, suppliers, and carriers ensure that products are delivered & installed on time with no surprises.

FF&E Procurement Projects

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We have the team and solutions that you can trust for your project, whether your goal is to purchase and deliver your FF&E on-time and budget, reduce the cost of an existing design, or improve your products. View our elite quality services for transform your space





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Great minds need Great spaces!

With extensive experience in the design industry our FF&E experienced architects team provide design development, technical specifications, computer generated visualization, space management system. with the latest technology our experts bringing a design concept to with sustainable and creative outset. Without any limitation whether for branded furniture or custom-made designs for luxury homes or palaces, commercials, residentials, and innovative workplace.

Our objectives

Higher Standards

We manage and protect our client’s investments through industry- leading pricing, products quality, terms, excellent services, and project delivery


Quality Management

In Prestige Quality isn’t a demonstration. It is propensity. Quality Assurance and Quality Control are embedded in our organization’s management and processes achieving the best procurement services for our clients. Quality control checks start from regular site visits ensuring that operation and design standards are met.



Corporate Social Responsibility is always on board in Prestige policies and practices. Our Standards on environmental management are essential in day-to-day operation. We operate with sustainability, adhere to environmental regulations, and care about what is important for employees, customers, business partners, and local communities.



Prestige flexibility builds trust, loyalty, fosters productivity connects people and supports success. We adapt to our client’s culture, and we work as one body. We customize our business services to our client’s requirements and needs while maintaining quality and standards.

We work in partnership with our clients to achieve the best services.



Earlier procurement had two major focuses: cost reduction and risk mitigation. We have leveled up our services by embracing the latest procurement technologies achieving efficiency, accessibility, sustainability, and purchasing decisions. Our cloud-based Platforms, analytically driven approach for optimizing processes and ERP software has driven us to today’s success.

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Prestige Design Group global presence delivers outstanding services for clients on projects around the world.

Full service of professional FF&E procurement services and supply chain management in all market segments from hospitality properties to residentials apartments, restaurants, corporate offices, museums and commercial buildings, Prestige Design Group brings our core value of accuracy, integrity, and reliability to every project.

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