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Supply Chain Management

Planning, BoQ/Budget, Sourcing.

Turnkey Supply

Project Management for every phase of your project. Direct access to suppliers and manufacturers worldwide to guaranty the best value for your project.

FF&E Procurement

Full service for Professional Procurement for the interiors: Hotels, Large-scale residential projects, Corporate Offices, Governmental.

Interior Design

Technical Design Development, FF&E Specification, Schematic design, Space management, Moodboard and style, 3D Visualization.


More than 200 pre-qualified high-end Brands & Manufacturers.


Prestige holds a tremendous passion for the originality on bespoke unique designs. With global supply chain we source, quality check and specify all the finishes and materials for the tailor-made manufacturing. High-end Bespoke Furniture, High-end Meeting Bespoke Tables.


In-house production for high quality INDOOR, OUTDOOR & BESPOKE lighting fixtures. Procurement of High-end Branded decorative lighting.


Wide selection and customization of Art-works scopes for hotels and commercials projects.

Prestige Approach

Prestige Approach

Team Introductions, Plan, Specifications Review, Quantitative and Qualitative analysis for Budget Development.

Our experienced team will initiate sourcing process while add value engineering, streamlining design, operator standards, budget & time for successful delivery.

The structure of this phase is based on scheduling up the final design elements of FF&E.  

A continual creation of typical documentation including:

  • Technical Specification & Fabrication Drawings
  • Elevation, Layouts & final furnishing Plans
  • Detailed Schedule of Materials and Finishes
  • Matrix layout for projects quantities in different areas
  • Project scheduling & Timelines

Presentation of prototypes and mock-up rooms which enable the client and consultant to review the fabrication solutions and ensure the client is comfortable with the final selected product.

Purchasing Orders (PO) are taking place upon final approval. Our procurement team is negotiating on client’s behalf the best conditions from the most suitable supply source from our global network. Real time visibility of PO tracking is available for client review of project progress.

All project accounting is managed by our in-house certified accountant using the latest technology specific to FF&E and procurement. Detailed reporting is available on demand.

Expediting the product orders is something necessary to meet the project set timeline.

Throughout the procurement process, our client has access to multitude of reports that provide real time data and progress information about the project. Comprehensive reporting options includes but not limited to:






Oversee Deliveries are managed and controlled with dedicated software for real time tracking directly from the supplier and manufacturer until the destination.

We analyze and drill down freight costs, terms, and methods to meet the budget and schedule of the client.

Our accurate freight scheduling for long lead products and our layered approached to develop a mix strategy delivery for each project to meet budget and schedule of client.

Experienced FF&E installers will that protect and care about your property and investment are one of the keys to success on every project. Final inspection and reporting will always take place at this phase.

Our comprehensive installation and hand-over service guaranties the project completion to your satisfaction. This also involves the submission of all warranties, certificates, manuals, and service agreement documents.

Our Skills

Make It Stand Out

Get the most out of your space by taking advantage of all the opportunities that are available. 

Simplicity 90%
Accuracy 95%
Budgeting 93%
Value engineering 92%
Quality Control 100%
Originality 95%
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How We Work

BENEFITS of FF&E Consultation

FF&E Consultation Services

Comprehensive Budget analysis

A Successful Project Starts with an Accurate Budget.
We work with the client for initial project phase to assess accurately the budgetary and critical dates needed providing a preliminary budget, to allow our client to create a reserve FF&E budget.

With worldwide database of suppliers and manufacturers we achieve on submitting accurate project budget for the client’s scope in order to plan accordingly for the project deliverables.

Comprehensive Budget analysis

Value Engineering

When dealing with complex projects with varied specifications and design requirements we extent our systematic analysis of the functions of components and materials and propose alternatives designs achieving client’s budget always consistent with required performance, quality, reliability, and safety.

Value Engineering

Quality Control

Quality control checks start from regular site visits ensuring that operation and design standards are met. Quality control is followed in each and every step during design engineering, procurement process, production, and installation. The final inspection check before the hand-over of each project is completed by our in-house project managers and supervisors.

Quality Control

Standard Process for minimizing cost & delays

With the latest software technology, we have automated processes carefully designed to optimize project time management avoiding additional costs and delays. Our efficient procurement method provides our clients with full visibility of the project status and progress.  

Standard Process for minimizing cost & delays

Factory Inspection

Our senior-level team undergo through series of formal physical inspections during critical production phases to ensure quality control and quality assurance of manufacturing process.   

Factory Inspection

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