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Source: Gulf Time His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani inaugurated the National Archives of Qatar, affiliated with the Amiri Diwan, at Msheireb. His Highness the Amir toured the facility and was briefed on the National Archives of Qatar’s infrastructure and its contents that are dedicated to monitoring

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Trends in Hotel Furniture

Are you ready to explore the world of hotel furniture trends? The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and hotels need to provide exceptional service and memorable experiences to their guests. That’s why furniture design plays a crucial role in creating unique and unforgettable hotel experiences. From sleek and modern pieces

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“In a world of opportunities, procurement is your compass, guiding you toward success.” In the design industry, buzzwords and acronyms like FF&E procurement often create an air of complexity and intimidation for those unfamiliar. At Prestige Design Group, we prioritize transparency and aim to share our experience and knowledge openly.

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The Psychology of Colors in Interior Design

Colors in interior design have the power to lower or raise our heartbeat, trigger anxiety, boost mental health, impact our sleep, or even work performance. Taking into consideration gender, culture, values, geography, and other related influence factors, colors speak different languages. The purpose of businesses is to offer a wonderful

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The Path to Sustainability: Crafting Green Interiors

In a current era where “SUSTAINABILITY” grows louder each day, the design industry has responded with a strong “GO GREEN” message! Nowadays, sustainability is not just a passing trend, it has become a full-fledged revolution that is transforming the way we approach all types of living spaces. Let’s explore how


Beyond Constraints – Elevating Accessibility:
Inspiring Interiors for Wheelchair Users

“Design is not just about making things beautiful, it’s about making things accessible and functional for all.” In the world of interior design, innovation knows no bounds. When it’s about interior design, beauty, and functionality go hand in hand. In the past, it was commonly assumed that accessible spaces should

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The Art of Sustainable Design: A Blueprint for a Green Tomorrow

The word sustainable in architecture & interior design refers to the designing consciously and responsibly from the building envelope up to the structure’s interior spaces, down to the extent the selection of the seemingly innocuous decorative item such as a vase or an artwork to be brought to the interior


Professional Procurement Management

“In a world of opportunities, procurement is your compass, guiding you toward success.” Are you still viewing procurement as a mere cost-cutting department? It’s time to shift your perspective on procurement. Procurement is not just about finding the cheapest supplier or signing contracts; but we define procurement as a strategic

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